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Male Chastity Cartoon On Male Being More Helpful And Considerate In Relationship

Chastity is an interesting sexual activity. It's odd in the sense that most other sexual activities promote orgasm and sexual release, whereas chastity is a form of sexual play which expressly prohibits orgasms.

Sexual Frustration Is Part Of Tease And Denial In Chastity

Ruined orgasms and prostate stimulation are arguably important practices within chastity relationships, especially when concerning long term orgasm denials. I am a fan of the ruined orgasm, and I simply love doing it to playmates and subs.

Cuff And Bars For Locking Up Your Man In Chastity Cage

If you're new to chastity devices, then you might want to read the beginners guide to male chastity before you start with this one, as that article will provide you with some essential background information that you're going to need before you get to this point.

Holding The Keys In Chastity Relationship Is Very Powerful Responsibility

Often when we think about male chastity - we consider the image of a completely subdued and submissive male being ruled by his sexual partner. Whilst some might play male chastity in this way