Different Types of Sex Toys that He Needs

Different Types of Sex Toys that He Needs

Truth of Male Sexual Desire

Shown on books, televisions, and in movies, men have always been portrayed as animals thinking with their lower body, thinking about sex all day long. Not the same as women who are concerned with romance, men are described as out-and-out sex-obsessed machines.

However, is that true? Or just some stereotypes of males sexual desire?

Recently, a survey of 200 students at Ohio State University tells that the young men thoughts about sex twice as much as much, but not think about sex all day long!


How Do Men Satisfy Their Sexual Needs?

Play With girlfriends

If you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level, you’ll have a good way to deal with your libido. Prepare well and treat your girl as a lady, she’ll be fully trust on you. Explore and try more positions, both of you can enjoy the couples game finally.  Even try having sex with a love doll!



Man Masturbate More Often than Women.

A study finished by MensHealth featuring 2000 students reported that 84% of respondent masturbate 3 times a week and 21% of the brown-hair respondent masturbate every day!

Therefore, whether men can find a suitable way of masturbating is the key to satisfy their sexual desire. There the question comes: masturbate with hands or sex toys?

– Simply By Hands

For single men or men who have low libido with their partner, hands-wanking is not a bad way to deal with their sexual needs.

There’s no need of flirting or foreplay, they can directly start masturbating with lubricants! This might be the main reason why some men prefer masturbation to sex.

Moreover, hands is more flexible and controllable for beginners, after all, every man started from a “junior player”.

– Using sex toys

With male sex toys such as an auto stroker, or a cock ring, men can maximize the enjoyment by the easiest way, and it will come with marvelous feeling with different kinds of toys. Men would tell you that a qualified toy is the prerequisite for them to enjoy masturbation, and they choose a sex toy from various dimensions including the material, the size, the function and the duration, etc.

For almost girls, it may sound weird to think about buying your boyfriend a sex toy, but why? Most of us have a vibrator or some other toy, so shouldn’t your guy have something as well? You’d be surprised at the amount of products aimed at guys now.

It may seem so weird for girls to buy boyfriend or husband a sex toy, but why? Most girls have a vibrator! So why not give him a big surprise!


5 Reasons Why Should Buy Sex Toys for Boyfriend or Husband?

I Have One, So Why Shouldn’t He?

Rather than going it manually, most of us may prefer having a toy, and so do men! With an automatic masturbator, men can feel a quick orgasm without making a big deal out of it.

Boost His Libido

Though most men don’t want to talk about it, there do have a huge group of men who are troubled with low libido.

To rev up a low libido, sex toy may help! Such as a vibrating cock ring.

Not the same as the sex with real human, the cock ring vibrates on penis and stimulates the sensitive areas automatically, quickly awaken the penis without being tired. It doesn’t take long when he has some feelings.

Make His Bigger

Have you ever seen a penis pump? That’s really a hot choice for males who want to get bigger and stronger. Although it won’t last forever, the penis did become bigger and thicker at the moment when the pump was removed.

Studies have shown that long-term use of an enlargement device can train the penis and let it keep increasing to a certain extent. So, if you’re curious, let him try!

Helper When You Don’t Want it

Do you like to have sex during your periods? Of course there Some girls who don’t like the mess.

As men and women don’t always have the same sexual needs, certainly there can be sometimes he want but when you don’t.

In these conditions, girls may prefer their men to fuck a fake vagina than use up all their lotions.

You Know You’re Curious

Buy sex toys for your man or buy something for couples, it can absolutely spice up your sex life. Both of you can be satisfied at the end!


How to Choose Sex Toys For Your Boyfriend or Husband

If you still have doubts about how to find a perfect sex toy as a sweet gift for you man, you should move to the next content.

For Beginners

For most beginners, multifunctional products with complex operations are not suitable for them. Start from some basic-type masturbators with a vibration, thrusting or rotating function is the best.

#Donut Glans Ring

It is made from 316L stainless steel and gives you a little more weight than traditional penis rings. Wear this toy behind the head or on the glans to restricts blood flow, you can get extra sensation to increase the pleasure of you sexual experiences! But Donut does not have vibration or other functions, so it cannot bring direct pleasure when masturbating.

# Sohimi FEDER Penis Massager

Most men focus on their penis or testicles, and have ignored the most sensitive area — perineum! If your man are bored of ordinary cock rings and has never experienced the sexual stimulation on the perineum, then he mustn’t miss this one!

Compare with Donut, Sohimi FEDER Penis Massager is like an upgraded version. With a shaft ring and a taint teaser, it provides extra fun on the penis head, glans and the perineum! 10 Vibration modes make it possible for your man to feel marvelous stimulation. If you have interest, it’s okay to enjoy this little toy together!

# Fun Factory NÕS

The green vibrating penis ring is super mini and flexible, due to the slightly oval cut, it fits very well on any size penis. Simply put it on his penis, it can give him the steadfastness for a wild adventure.

The highlight of this cock ring is that it has 4 vibration modes and a flirt mode leave nothing to be desired. In flirt mode, the vibrations are mixed in random mode for 5 minutes, which creates an additional surprise effect.

For the Experienced

If your man has a huge amount of sex toy collection, nothing attracts him more than a product with unique features! Such as some toys with extra functions like heating, clamping, etc. , you can lead him to the next level.

# Sohimi LG369 Blow Job Simulator

The newest version of the best male masturbation toys on Sohimi! It is popular because of the realistic dick sucking function!

Inside the sex machine, there are two strong motors offering powerful suctions that vary in 4 different frequencies. What’s special is that it can be controlled manually and automatically. Simply to press the compressible silicone area to extrude the air out, or just let the machine deflate automatically through the mini tube on the bottom of the blow job simulator.

If your man prefer oral sex than vagina sex, this one must be great for him! He will feel unrivaled tightness he has never experienced!


Sex toys do more than help him have a more intense oral sex, buy him the best guy sex toy to encourage exploration beyond orgasm! Help your partner think of sexual wellness as a key part of their overall well-being.

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