What Is No Fap?

What Is No Fap?

NoFap is a community and website that strives to help men struggling with masturbation and pornography to give them up.  The name may seem weird, but it’s internet lingo. “Fap” is an informal term for male masturbation.  Started in June 2011 on Reddit by Alexander Rhodes, the community has a broader following among men, who make up 99% of the membership.  It all began with research that showed a 45.7% increase in testosterone levels among men who stay away from masturbation for a week.

Sure, nofap has faced so much criticism and rejection over the years now, it is enjoying an increase in membership from people (men) from all stages of life.


Most men love watching porn and jerking off to it. Experts say that these are bad habits, but let’s face it; some habits are hard to kick, and masturbating and porn are some of them.

There’s the nagging guilty feeling that you’ve done something wrong once you’ve achieved orgasm from jerking off. A few excuses soften the guilt and once you’re over it and the need arises, heck, you’re all over blue movies once again!

It seems fine at first pleasing the mind and body with such but with time, the guilt becomes too strong and you want to do better.

With the hush in society about jerking off, it’s hard and embarrassing admitting to a porn problem and finding the help you need. That’s where nofap comes in.

In the nofap community, you receive support from people struggling with the same issues. The best part is there’s no judgment. What’s more, the community rules are pretty lenient, which helps you relax if ever you go down the crooked path again.


Nofap seeks to reboot the brain and direct it away from sexual compulsions. It does this by encouraging participants to refrain from partner sex, porn use, and masturbation for an amount of time, often 90 days.

The community knows that it deals with different individuals who have different goals. They, therefore, provide rules that are easy to follow such as:

* Laugh, smile, and play as often as you can.
* Always love the moment you’re in- post-relapse specifically.
* You’re not in prison. Consider abstinence as a way of changing your world.
* Don’t fap.
* Don’t watch porn.
* The community offers 90 days of nofap. However, you can add or lower them based on your individual goals.
* Orgasming with an individual you like and having sex with them doesn’t count as porn.
* Exercise often.
* Give back to people IRL, the nofap community, etc., in any way you can and as much as you can.
* Cuddling with someone isn’t viewed as porn.


Apart from an increase in testosterone levels, being a nofap member and abiding by the rules also has many other perks- physical and mental health benefits.

Some of the physical health benefits of apstinence’ shared by those who’ve taken up the no-fapping for-a-week challenge are:

* Better sleep
* Higher levels of energy
* Better sperm quality
* Improved stamina and physical performance
* Improved concentration and focus

As for mental benefits:

* Increased willpower and motivation
* Appreciation toward the opposite sex and improved attitude
* Increased joy
* Heightened spirituality
* Self-acceptance
* Higher self-esteem

Though these benefits are still undergoing research, they sound great and are worth aiming to achieve.

An additional benefit that may not be on the list is you can make new friends. Most people indulge in porn and masturbation because they’re lonely and have lots of free time in their hands.

At nofap, you can engage your mind with testimonies from other members and reach out to someone. This can help if you’re an introvert.


NoFap helps members overcome addictions but it doesn’t force them. Your efforts can only be fruitful if you have the desire to change. This involves training your mind and changing your habits.

No matter how far down you may be in porn addiction or masturbation, realize it’s not too late to turn your life around. There’s so much potential in you and all it takes is a little effort on your part.

Shut your eyes and imagine living a happy, porn-free life. Sounds good? Now, work towards it. You can do it, bro!

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