Male Chastity Devices

Male Chastity Devices

The History Of Male Chastity As A Sexual Practice

Male chastity is a sexual practice commonly associated with BDSM, which sees the cage as a BDSM sex toy. As with most BDSM sexual practices, it draws its roots from a rich and colourful history. They’re pretty much a self-explanatory device, being a belt like device or a cage which sits over the male genitalia so that the wearer remains chaste, and does not engage in self-abuse (masturbation) or sexual contact and activities.

History Of Chastity Devices Is Under Much Debate And Male Chastity Devices Website Will Clear That Up

The history of chastity devices is often a cause of much debate. Surprisingly, since there might be better things to argue the history of, but apparently historians love to argue and it seems they will continue to argue for decades to come. You can picture the chastity device in your mind, you might have some vague notion as to where it has originated from; you’ve seen it in the movies, read about it, it might have been in a comic book or a cartoon of some kind. You might be of the understanding that the chastity device was an essential part of medieval culture, the armoured bikini was popular and that almost everyone wore it – and despite it sounding ridiculous barbaric and extremely unhygienic, that might be the picture that’s currently in your head. It was a different time, you shudder to yourself and then move on grateful that you didn’t live through these dark times.

That’s the story that has been told for an age for great entertainment, amusement and it holds its beliefs in the idea that we as humans have evolved from such barbaric practices. It’s also quite wrong. The truth, is that the idea of a chastity device made from metal to protect genitalia, never really existed and that the idea is some grandiose, and well played hoax.

The reason for their argument is that, to date, there are no genuine chastity devices that have been dated as being before the 19th century. When one examines the history of the chastity device the believers of the notion that they are derived from medieval times, all commonly refer to the same books, pictures and ‘physical specimens’ – male chastity has a much newer history. Whilst it is clear that it existed in works of fiction, there are doubts that there is any historical evidence to support the idea that chastity devices came from medieval times.

Contrary to popular belief, chastity devices seemingly did not exist in medieval times to prevent young boys from masturbating, and to assist young knights and their wives from remaining loyal and faithful. The majority of devices that are said to have been made in medieval times, have since been carbon dated forcing museums such as Germanisches National Museum, the Musé e National du Moyen a ge, and the British Museum in London to remove or redate the devices on current display.

Female chastity devices were more commonly associated with acts of chastity – leaving men to freely sow their wild oats whenever and wherever possible. Modern day chastity however, focuses not so much on the genitalia of the female, but on male genitals. Today, they’re used in BDSM sexual play, and in consensual, and passionate relationships. A chastity device provides a means in which the wearer of the device will surrender control of their sexual behaviour either as a sexual game, or as a long term method to prevent acts of infidelity and masturbation. Chastity devices can be made of an assortment of materials, and this website will not only go through these materials, but also the experiences of wearing a male chastity device, why people might enjoy this type of play and everything you’ve wanted to know about male chastity devices.

Surgical Steel Cage For Male Chastity

The Popularity Of Male Chastity

Since the late 1990s and the advent of the internet, the accessibility of male chastity gadgets has been much higher. The idea of men going around to each other in public spaces and domains asking who wears a chastity device is a ludicrous concept. However, on the internet, men can band together within mutual interests and form groups where they can chose to remain anonymous. There are thousands of blogs and internet sites out there dedicated to men who want to detain themselves from climax as well thousands of erotic stories of what has happened to them. Regardless of whether you believe these stories and the claims of these men (it is the internet after all) one can’t deny the fascination of male chastity nor the excitement that male chastity is clearly bringing. The nineties also brought forward some heavy hitters in the name of Frank & Doris Miller who dispatched the CB-2000 in 1998 and the TollyBoy which is often credited as bringing back the chastity device to modern times.

So with this in mind, what does a cock cage actually do!? Normally a ring goes around the whole organ over the scrotum and penis against the abdomen. Since the wearer can’t provide any stimulation to the penis, erections are unthinkable due to the inability to move – there’s simply not enough room in the device for a full sized erection.  This could possibly bring about some pain since the structure of the cock ring may add some weight on the testicles during an erection. In the event that the lock is secure, the wearer is caught until the keyholder (the person who controls access to the chase) chooses to open the cage and release him. A few of these devices are proposed for long term wear.

Today, not only are we more liberal in terms of sexual pleasure, especially when you consider how much of the internet is porn, but we are also more liberal in the ways in which we-use the devices of ages past. It’s not surprising at all that the majority of BDSM toys, activities, in some part derive from the Middle Ages, and arguably less civilised times. Wartenberg wheels, stretching, torturous devices re-used for the deliverance of pain to incite pleasure – it’s simply amazing.

Handing Over The Key In Male Chastity Responsibilities Of Being A Key Holder

At the end of the day – cock cages exist for the primary reason as seeing the transfer of sexual power from one individual to that of the ‘key holder’ or the one that holds the keys for the cage. That’s the basic and simplest understanding of it – however we will go through more of this when you come to reading our article on the psychology of male chastity. The wearer’s pleasure is controlled by another individual. As you’ll come to see as you read through this website, the benefits that this can have on both the wearer and the keyholder as well as the variety of cock cages as they come in different shapes, sizes, materials all of which seem cosmetic but actually have some pretty fundamental reasoning’s behind them. The Male Chastity Devices website exists in order to provide you with some solid information to read through in order to help you make a selection on the type of chastity device that you’d like and why you might want to begin a journey of wearing a chastity device.