Male Chastity Devices

Choosing A Male Chastity Device – What To Look For

Choosing A Male Chastity Device is not a decision you should make lightly. Before selecting your perfect chastity device, there are essential factors to take into consideration. We’ve previously explored the significance of accurate measurements for your chastity cage and discussed the profound impact these devices have on men.

But, how do these insights inform your choice of material for the chastity cage? Let’s delve into material considerations for chastity cages, revisiting key insights to ensure you find the chastity device that truly aligns with your desires and needs.

Choosing A Male Chastity Device

If you’re new to the concept of chastity, then you might not want to start with a fully locked cage on your first attempt. You may prefer to explore what wearing one might feel like in a manner that is neither constricting nor limiting. There are devices that use a leather strap to connect a series of 2-6 metal rings which encase your penis. These mostly come with 5 rings (often referred to as the ‘Gates of Hell’); the largest ring is placed behind your penis and testicles to keep it in place. This type of device offers great value while acquainting you with the fundamentals of a chastity device and the sensation of having your penis restrained – they can be an excellent way to begin your journey into more comprehensive chastity devices. Hell’s Couture offers a wide range of leather cock rings and attachments that not only feel amazing but look great as well.

Materials Used In Chastity Cages

When thinking of a chastity device and assuming you’ve made all the measurements and you’re ready to go. You will need to think what you require it to be made of. There are choices between leather, metal, silicone, plastic and wood. For your selection, you’ll need to consider two things; your comfort level and the aesthetic value that you want to place on the device.


Leather Gates Of Hell Chastity Device With Metal Rings For Beginning Chastity
Gates of Hell

Before the European and American markets were dominated by the more affordable Asian metal chastity devices, the primary cost-effective competitor was the Leather Stallion. In the late 1990s to mid-2000s, the Stallion was THE entry-level chastity device and an incredibly effective introduction to full chastity among couples’ sex toys. The Stallion style, still available for purchase today, is ideal for introductory chastity play and can be worn for extended periods.

It does need to be removed for showering and cleaning. One of the main drawbacks of leather is that it tends to accumulate sweat and other bodily fluids, as leather can be quite porous. The Stallion Guard and similar leather skin chastity devices secure around your testicles using a locking leather strap, while the penile cage area is typically a combination of leather straps and metal rings. This configuration does not completely encase the penis, allowing one to still touch and stimulate themselves, but it serves as a gentle reminder of ownership.


Plastic polycarbonate devices are discreet under trousers, lightweight, and can be worn for extended periods once you develop a good routine of cleaning and hygiene. The most popular among these are known as the CB series, with different models like the CB3000, 6000, 6000s, etc., offering various sizes. It’s typically a snug-fitting device that can be comfortably worn for long durations. Thanks to its easy maintenance and stylish appearance, it’s no surprise that this is the most popular cock chastity cage of all time, even being specifically mentioned in many erotic stories and literature by name.

The Curve chastity device boasts the longest enclosure length, providing ample space for an erection to develop. Its design, reminiscent of a cage of bars rather than a tube like the CB-3000/6000/6000s, allows for a healthy airflow. The CB-3000, CB-6000, and the CB-6000s feature enclosures or tubes that completely encase the penis, with a few air vents and an urination vent at the bottom of the pen – this design significantly reduces the possibility of self-stimulation. Security level – these devices are secure, but like any cock cage device, they can be broken out of with enough force, determination, and disregard for one’s safety.

Choosing A Male Chastity Device
Polycarbonate Chastity Device With Silicone Base And Lock Which Is A Lightweight Chastity Cage


There are chastity devices available in metal, with a variety of different shapes, sizes, and types. Stainless Steel is among the best materials, and 316 Stainless Steel is the same metal used in medical toys and medical play, as it is both body-safe and hygienic. Metal devices may offer a bit more presence and the feeling of imprisonment and security, and can be attached to penis plugs for extra security and stimulation. They tend to be heavier than polycarbonate devices, yet some men prefer this additional weight as a constant reminder that they are owned.

Security level – Security is a significant design feature of many metal devices. Metal chastity devices are substantially harder to escape from in situations other than the authorized release by the Keyholder or owner.

Caged Tiger Metal Chastity Cage
Open Bars For Easy Cleaning


Silicone chastity devices first entered the market around 2008/2009 with the Birdlocked device, originating from Switzerland. The advantage of silicone is its ability adjust to your body temperature, offering significantly more flexibility than other materials. Some designs come with separate back rings, while others feature a one-piece design with the ring integrated into the tube. When silicone chastity devices initially appeared in 2009, there was skepticism about their effectiveness. However, they have since proven their value.

While not the most secure option, they allow for some movement and are considered the most comfortable option available. All silicone chastity devices are lighter than even the polycarbonate models, although they may cause discomfort for some men wear the ring tightly grips the skin. This issue can be somewhat alleviated by applying talcum powder before wearing the ring. In terms of security, silicone cages can be cut with kitchen scissors in emergency situations.

Bird Locked Silicone Chastity Cage
Beginners Cock Cage Which Is Durable And Lightweight

Ring Size:

You must know the size of the ring you need before you make a purchase of a cock ring. Else, you might end up with the wrong ring and an ill-fitting cock cage. The cock ring of a chastity cage is designed to keep the whole cage secured to your dick.

Too big a ring and it’ll fall off. If you get too small a ring, you can seriously damage the penile tissue by not letting the blood flow properly. Most of the Polycarbonate cages will come with several rings (usually a set of five) but metal cages will need to be fit correctly.

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Where To Get Male Chastity Devices

Now that you’ve hopefully learned about male chastity devices and the lifestyle, including the benefits it can bring to your sex life, you might be wondering where to find such devices.

We recommend our esteemed friends at Adultsmart, who offer an extensive range of chastity devices, alongside a vast BDSM collection, boasting one of the largest selections of stainless steel items I’ve encountered. They provide worldwide shipping at the very affordable cost of $7 USD. Quite a deal, right? And yes, that includes international shipping!

If exploring other sex toys and items suitable for both couples and solo use doesn’t pique your interest, you might want to visit Hells Couture, Australia’s premier BDSM specialist. The Cockring Shop will meet all your needs related to, well, cock rings. In this industry, it’s invaluable to have reliable sources, and we trust each of these providers for our needs without hesitation. We wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

Indeed, the top supplier of Male Chastity Devices in Australia is Hell’s Couture. Request them by name at any adult store that carries male chastity devices or at BDSM fairs. If they don’t stock Hells Couture, they likely aren’t fully committed to the realm of men’s chastity.