The Ultimate Male Chastity Contract – KEYHOLDER!

The Ultimate Male Chastity Contract – KEYHOLDER!

Ultimate Male Chastity Contract

This Ultimate Male Chastity Contract is designed to articulate the terms and conditions agreed upon by [Keyholder’s Name] (hereafter referred to as “Keyholder“) and [Chaste Male’s Name] (hereafter referred to as “Chaste Male“) regarding the Chaste Male’s period of chastity under the Keyholder’s control. This contract is founded on mutual respect, trust, and understanding of each other’s needs and desires.

Parties Involved

  • Keyholder: The individual who holds the key to the chastity device and has the authority to enforce the rules established in this contract.
  • Chaste Male: The individual who agrees to wear the chastity device and abide by the rules established by the Keyholder.


This contract shall commence on [Start Date] and shall terminate on [End Date], unless extended or terminated earlier in accordance with the terms outlined herein.


The primary objectives of this agreement are to enhance our relationship, explore our desires in a safe and consensual manner, and enrich our communication and trust.

Rules and Regulations

  • The Chaste Male agrees to wear the chastity device continuously, except when permitted by the Keyholder or for hygiene purposes.
  • The Chaste Male shall follow the daily routines and conditions for release as determined by the Keyholder.
  • The Keyholder may set punishments and rewards to enforce compliance and encourage the Chaste Male’s dedication to their role.

Safe Words and Limits

  • A safe word will be established to ensure the Chaste Male’s safety and consent. This word, when spoken, will require immediate attention to the Chaste Male’s needs and concerns.
  • Both parties agree to respect each other’s hard limits (absolute no-go areas) and soft limits (areas of caution).

Health and Safety

  • The Chaste Male is responsible for maintaining good hygiene and shall notify the Keyholder of any health issues that may arise from wearing the chastity device.
  • An emergency protocol for the immediate removal of the chastity device will be established.
Keyholder Agreement
Ultimate Contract

Discretion and Privacy

Both parties agree to maintain the highest level of discretion and privacy concerning the terms of this contract and activities related to it.

Modification and Termination

This contract can be modified or terminated by mutual consent of both parties. Any changes must be documented and signed by both parties.

Final Agreement

By signing below, both parties affirm their understanding and agreement to the terms outlined in this contract, signifying their consent and commitment to adhere to its provisions.

[Keyholder’s Signature] __________ Date: __________

[Chaste Male’s Signature] __________ Date: __________

This template is intended as a starting point. Remember, communication and consent are key. Adjust any part of the contract to ensure it aligns with the desires, limits, and relationship dynamic of those involved.

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