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Choosing A Male Chastity Device

First Time Male Chastity Toys

Purchasing a chastity device is not a decision you should make lightly. There are several things that you will need to consider before choosing your device. We have spoken in previous articles about the importance of measuring up for your chastity cage, and the effects that chastity devices have on men, but how does that translate into selecting the material for your chastity cage? This article will go through considerations on the material of chastity cages, and reiterate some of the earlier points that have been made in regards to ensuring that you get the correct chastity device that best fits what you’re after.

If you’re new to the idea of chastity – then you might not want to get a full blown locked cage on your first go. You might want to experience what wearing on may feel like in a way that is not constricting, or limiting. There are devices with a leather strap joining a series of 2-6 metal rings which encase your penis. They for the most part have 5 rings (Gates of Hell) and the largest ring goes behind your penis and balls to keep it in place. This kind of penis tackle is great value whilst familiarize you with the nuts and bolts of a chastity gadget and of having your penis bound – they can be fantastic way to begin your journey into complete chastity devices. Hells Couture stock a large range of leather cock rings and attachments which not only feel amazing, but look great as well.

Materials Used In Chastity Cages

Firstly, when thinking of a chastity device and assuming you’ve made all the measurements and you’re ready to go – you’ll need to think as to what you require it to be made of. You have choices between leather, metal, silicone, plastic and wood. For your selection you’ll need to consider two things; your comfort level and the aesthetic value that you want to place on the device.


Leather Gates Of Hell Chastity Device With Metal Rings For Beginning Chastity

Before the European and American markets got the opportunity to be overpowered by the less expensive Asian metal chastity, the primary strong contender requiring little to no effort was the Leather Stallion. At the time in the late 1990s to the mid-2000s the Stallion was THE passage level chastity gadget and a mind bogglingly fantastic introduction to full chastity among couples sex toys. The Stallion style can be purchased today and is ideal for early on chastity play, it can be worn for quite a while, however does need be taken off for showering and cleaning. The main disadvantage about leather though is that it accumulates sweat and other bodily fluids as leather can be quite porous. The Stallion Guard and equivalent leather skin chastity gadgets adjust around your balls using a locking cowhide strap, the penis caged area is typically a blend of leather straps and metal rings. This layout doesn’t completely encase the penis however, as one can still touch and stimulate themselves, but it serves as a gentle reminder that someone is owned.


Plastic Polycarbonate gadgets are careful under trousers, light in weight and can be worn for quite a long time at once you develop a decent routine of cleaning and cleanliness. The most famous of these pieces are known as the CB’s and range in different sizes between the different models including the CB3000, 6000, 6000s etc. It’s generally a cozy fitting device and can be worn for extended periods – with its easy maintenance and popular look its little wonder that this is the most popular cock chastity cage of all time and is actually specifically featured in a lot of erotic stories and literature by name. Finally the Curve chastity gadget – this is the longest enclosure length and features a considerable amount of space to develop an erection. This configuration has an alternate development outline being like a confine of bars (as opposed to a tube like the CB-3000/6000/6000s) thus it takes into account a decent regular stream of air. The CB-3000, CB-6000 and the CB-6000s have enclosures or tubes which totally encase the penis, with a couple air vents, and have a pee vent at the base of the pen – this outline makes it far more difficult to touch yourself for pleasure. Security Level – these are secure but as with any cock cage device they can be broken out of if there is enough force, determination and disregard to one’s safety.

Polycarbonate Chastity Device With Silicone Base And Lock Which Is A Lightweight Chastity Cage


There are numerous chastity gadgets available in metal, and an assortment of distinctive shapes, sizes and types. By and large Stainless Steel is amongst the best material and 316 Stainless Steel is the same metal used in medical toys and medical play as it is both body safe and hygienic.  Metal gadgets may offer a little bit more presence and the feeling of imprisonment and security and they can even be attached to penis plugs for extra security and stimulation. They do have a tendency to be a bit heavier than the polycarbonate gadgets, yet a few men prefer this additional weight as being a constant reminder that they are owned. Security Level – Security is a noteworthy configuration highlight of numerous metal gadgets. Metal chastity gadgets are substantially harder to escape from in circumstances other than the approved release of the Keyholder or owner.

Caged Tiger Metal Chastity Cage With Open Bars For Easy Cleaning


Silicone chastity gadgets first hit the business sector amid 2008/2009 with the Birdlocked gadget made in Switzerland. The upside of silicone is that it rapidly warms to your body temperature and is significantly more adaptable than some other material. A few plans are furnished with partitioned back rings, whilst others are a one-piece segment made with the ring connected to the tube. At the point where the silicone chastity gadgets first hit the business sector in 2009 there was not a lot of trust in the product – however they have since proven their worth; whilst not the most security conscious of cock rings they do allow for some movement and are generally considered the most comfortable to wear. All silicone chastity gadgets are lighter in weight than even the polycarbonate gadgets, despite that fact that they can bring some soreness for a couple of men where the ring firmly grasps the skin. This can be fixed a little by utilizing talc before putting the ring on. Security Level – In emergency circumstances the silicone cages can be cut with a couple of kitchen scissors.

Bird Locked Silicone Chastity Cage With Yellow Colouring As Beginners Cock Cage Which Is Durable And Lightweight

Ring Size:

You must know the size of the ring you need before you make a purchase of a cock ring. Else, you might end up with the wrong ring and an ill-fitting cock cage. The cock ring of a chastity cage is designed to keep the whole gadget secured to your dick – too big a ring and it’ll fall off. If you get too small a ring, you can seriously damage the penile tissue by not letting the blood flow properly.  Most of the Polycarbonate cages will come with several rings (usually a set of five) but metal cages will need to be fit correctly.

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Where To Get Male Chastity Devices

Now that you’ve hopefully read up on some male chastity devices and what it means to become a part of this lifestyle as well as the benefits to your sex life – the question must be asked; where do you get chastity devices from?

We suggest our beautiful friends at Adultsmart who not only have a large range of chastity devices, but also have an enormous BDSM range including one of the largest stainless steel collections I’ve ever seen. Not only will they ship to you anywhere in the world – but they’ll do it at the really low cost of 7USD. Not bad eh? And that’s international as well!

If you’re not really interested in checking out other sex toys and things that would be great for couples and solo use – maybe you should check out Hells Couture – Australia’s leading BDSM specialist. The Cockring shop will have you covered for all things cock related. In this kind of industry it’s really good to have friends you can count on, and we’d count on any of these guys for any of our needs – and we wouldn’t recommend anyone else.  Of Course the number one supplier of Male Chastity Devices in Australia is Hells Couture – ask for them by name at any adult shop that stocks male chastity devices or BDSM Fairs.  If they don’t have Hells Couture then they are not serious about men’s chastity.