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How To Measure For A Cock Cage

Dicks, cocks, penis, balls, and testicles – doesn’t matter what you want to call them, at the end of the day they all come in different shapes and sizes. This is partly why condoms break, there are a surprising number of guys out there which may recognise that dicks come in all shapes, colours and sizes, but that thought doesn’t correlate to the toys that they buy and how they can actually buy male sex toys specifically for their sized penis.

When it comes to cock rings, many people don’t know how they should measure up their penis to fit a cock ring. Now let’s extend upon that, if boys aren’t sure how they’re measuring up their tackle to fit a cock ring how on earth are they going to be able to measure up for a chastity device? This is a how to guide on measuring up your penis so that you can get the perfect sized chastity cage. Read on to discover more.

Getting the right measurement is important – whilst you want your genitals to be suitable restrained in their caged environment, what you don’t want is for them to be too squished up and unable to be moved at all – that will make cleaning and hygiene for your chastity device to be very difficult. As such, it is extremely important that you’re getting an accurate measure to ensure a comfortable fit. The most important thing to measure up is the size of the main ring – that being the base of the chastity device which sits at the base of the penis behind the testicles. If the sizing of this ring is incorrect, it can cause a whole range of different issues further on down the track.

A ring which is too large can cause the cage to slip off, or fall down and place undue pressure on the balls and the shaft. A ring that is too small will cause considerable discomfort and pain, it can also cut off circulation, delay essential blood flow to the shaft and damage the delicate tissue as they’re starved of essential blood which can lead to erectile dysfunction and a host of other issues. What you’re looking for in this regard can be considered the goldilocks of cock rings – the best fit is one that is going to feel snug enough to avoid slipping off but loose enough to still allow blood flow and to ensure a reasonable level of comfort. Whilst the purpose of chastity is to essentially get ‘blue ball’ we will note that in this definition of the slang and colloquial term that it is not representative as actually having blue coloured balls – which could indicate a serious blood flow issue. If the testicles, shaft or any part of the genitals have drastically changed colour, then the immediate removal of the device is essential and you will need to try the next ring size up.

Knitted Blue Balls For Male Chastity And Orgasm Denial

Some people say that it is very difficult to get an accurate measurement for the main ring – especially when using a tape measure. We generally recommend the use of string.

  1. Loosely wrap a piece of string around the base of the genitals and behind the balls. You want it to be snug, but not restricting. Do this in a flaccid state.
  2. Mark where the string meets each other and then measure up this length.
  3. Divide the length by 3.14 to give you a ballpark diameter.
  4. Repeat the process again when hard.
  5. Repeat this 3 times to ensure that you’re getting accurate results.

Alternatively, you can pay a visit to your local adult store or hardware store and purchase a selection of rings. You’ll need to be starting at around 2 inches in diameter and working your way down from that size in ¼ inch measurements. The rings need to be rounded, and solid metal as stretchy rings are not going to give you an accurate result. Smooth rings with rounded edges will also ensure that the fit is comfortable and that you’re not going to injure yourself in this exercise.

From there – start with the largest ring and work your way down. What you’re looking for is one that fits in a snug and reasonable fashion but does not cause any pain or irritation to your body. By the end of this exercise you’ll have an idea of one or two rings which seemingly fit the purpose. Wear these for a few days, and including at night, to see how they feel during every day activity and to get the perfect idea of how the ring is going to feel – this includes wearing the ring at night as well. Once you are comfortable with the ring size, you’re almost ready to begin. Alternatively, you could be purchasing a mass produced chastity device which will come with a small bunch of differently sized mains rings, and these do help many men find a good fit, but it is important to note that this is not guaranteed as you might simply be between sizes.

Erections, and this is especially true with night time erections, can cause some discomfort because your penis will swell and the ring will begin to restrict you. A correctly sized ring might cause mild disruption and discomfort from an erection, but you should never be in a state of pain. If you’re in the position where you’re feeling a deep aching or a burning sensation in your genitals, then this is a sign that the ring is too small.

Cage Size For Male Chastity Is Important For Hygiene And Comfort Male Chastity Devices Website Explains



The length of the cage is also important, though it is not as important as the main ring. Ideally, you want your penis to just fit inside the cock cage. This will be noticed when the tip of your cock rests, just at the end of the cage. A cage which is too small can cause discomfort, it will feel in a way as if your penis is being constantly held back inside the body, it might also make your glans bulge or the shaft may unnecessarily bunch up in the cage. This can cause issues with the skin, promote sweating, and increase the chances and build-up of odour. For an uncircumcised male, this is especially difficult as the foreskin may protrude from the device, get caught up somewhere and cause issues by being pinched by the material of the cage.

A cage that is longer than the shaft won’t necessarily cause any immediate issues – but it does make cleaning a bit of a hassle, with urine and other bodily fluids having a tendency to splash around and build up in the device.

To get the best measurement for this part of the cage- you’ll need a ruler. Place it underneath a flaccid penis and measuring from the tip to the base. Don’t push the ruler into the balls or towards the body as this will give you an inaccurate measurement. What you’re looking for is just a gentle resting. You’ll need to be completely flaccid during this measurement and it is ideal to take the measurement several times over several days so that you are getting the most accurate measurement that takes into account normal fluctuations in size. Once you have found the most common measurement, remove ½ to a ¼ inch off the final result and you’ll have this set for your ideal sized cage.

Measuring For The Cage Diameter In Cock Cages

This is probably the least important of the three, but in the interest of perfection we’ll include it. A correct fit in this regard does have numerous benefits such as an increase in comfort and less of a mess in the cage during urination. Some people will recommend a cage that is hugging the shaft of the penis, and other people prefer a slightly looser fit. I’m one that prefers a slightly looser fit. I like the feeling of increased air around my genitals, and it just seems a hell of a lot healthier. Just think of a hot, clammy, and sweaty penis that isn’t getting enough air and is restricted by a limiting shaft. A penis that is developing an odour too quickly and is in damp conditions might have issues with infections. If the cage is too tight, it might result in bunching issues and that can cause the skin to become trapped and pinched. Ultimately, at the end of the day the choice is yours as to what you want to do, and how you want to do it and which you prefer. But I have always preferred slightly larger cages as this allows a little wriggle room.