Male Chastity Devices

Types Of Chastity Cages

The Differences Between Chastity Cages

When selecting your chastity device you need to ensure not only the quality of the product, but also the practicality of it. This is in terms of the ease of cleaning the cage and yourself. It also matters as to how the device is going to sit, and whether you’re going to need a quality lubricant to help ease the pressure of the cock ring, and make it easier to put on and off. Caged devices which are totally open toward the end offer the most perfect alternative, keeping the penis in a decent stream of air, and freeing the end from having urine splashed on it – however stimulation can still be applied to the penis head resulting in ejaculation and a failure of a chastity lifestyle. Open tubes take into consideration that a guy needs to go to the toilet and will often have a far less chance of developing any microscopic organisms than what closed caged devices will have.

However there are few of these styles available and more often than not men lean towards cages with far less accessibility as they want stimulation to be completely controlled by their partner. Shut or halfway shut tubes don’t take into consideration little drops of pee which the device starts to accumulate resulting in the need of some thorough cleaning.  Unless utilized for a single play session I would advise that you stay away from chastity devices that are totally encased toward the end. There are a couple of such gadgets which are shut and have no openings whatsoever. A few men appreciate these for infrequent play sessions for the fact that they deny any touch to the penis and as such are especially useful for Bondage Parties, cuckold sessions, and for fetish events – but these devices are exceptionally difficult to clean and not recommended for extended play. There’s a certain art form to locking up a male in a chastity device, and aside from the aesthetics and psychology of it, it’s there for fun. Don’t ruin that fun by selecting the wrong type of chastity device. If you are using a pure medical grade steel device many times the cheapest and most thorough way to clean them is in a dishwasher or sterilizer – but ensure that you have a guaranteed medical grade steel otherwise your device may tarnish or even worse rust. As with the cleaning of luxury sex toys, you should only ever clean one device at a time, keeping them separate in case of any reactions.

Man Cleaning His Chastity Device In The Sink Some Cock Cages Can Be Cleaned And Sterilised Using Your Dishwasher

Open Ended Chastity Cage

These types of cock cages offer the best for normal practicality, cleaning, toilet activities whilst wearing the gadget. Included inside of this extent is the “Houdini”. The 90 degree angle is enough to prevent full blown erections from occurring, but stimulation could occur orally, or through manipulation of the frenulum or penis head. These kinds of devices are a gentle reminder that someone is owned, but not necessarily the best chastity cage to prevent stimulation. Cages like these require trust and communication, and may also be suited to someone that isn’t necessarily a fan of a more restrictive cage for health and hygiene reasons.

Open Ended Cock Cage For Easy Cleaning And Hygiene Stainless Steel Cage With Attached Lock

Chastity Cage With Bars

A different option for the above and generally considered a better option as a cage. These devices encase the penis in an enclosure of bars taking into account heaps of normal ventilation and are generally a breeze to clean. You can easily clean these devices with water and a cotton bud, or other small spongey material that can get between you and the cage. However, this depends on the spaces of the bars, access to the penis, and room between the bars and the shaft. This sort of outline serves to keep out any form of bacteria by allowing air flow and won’t necessarily overheat the genitals resulting in excessive sweating and pretty much guarantees great cleanliness.

Surgical Steel Cage In Wired Design Most Popular Style Of Cock Cage Due To Restriction On The Penis And Ease Of Cleaning

Mostly Closed Chastity Cage Design | Chastity Cage With Solid Shaft

See for example, the CB-3000, CB-6000, Buddy Lock and Gerecke’s Rondo. These cock cages have a tube totally encasing the penis with spaces or openings for pee, and allow for simple cleaning. For these types of cages you’ll need to consider using a q-tip to access those hard to reach areas in amongst the small breathing holes. The primary benefit of a cage with this designed is that your cock is generally safe behind the cage with exceptionally little opportunity for touching and stimulation. As mentioned, you will need to keep this device clean so that you don’t develop any bad odours and the likelihood of bacteria developing is relatively small. This device is best suited for more experienced users, and people that are accustomed to cage cleaning

Solid Steel Chastity Cage With Open Head Caged Design Preventing Stimulation

Totally Closed Chastity Cage Design

They are a couple of gadgets that are totally shut, they have no opening at all. Any cock cage of this style of design is only recommended for short periods of play, as fluid can quickly build up and create an unhealthy environment. The benefit of this is that there can be absolutely no stimulation of the penis whatsoever. These types of cock cages are best suited for events, sexual parties, or anywhere where you want to showcase a completely enclosed penis. As mentioned, these devices are not for long term use as there is no breathing room in the device and they can cause sweating. They also will not allow removal of fluids through urination unless, as is shown with the below example, they have a cap that unscrews on the end for this purpose.

Completetly Enclosed Penis Cage For Ultimate Security Denial Of Stimulation