Male Chastity Devices

Why Male Chastity Is Popular

The Psychology Behind Male Chastity And Cock Cages

When you’re deciding to embark on a chastity lifestyle, and you’re looking at purchasing a chastity device most people are looking for an unbreakable cage. The idea of a secure chastity is a common fantasy among men, but where does it come from?

Male chastity is a powerful fantasy, and it begins with the idea of control. Male chastity is primarily about the transferring of male sexuality, literally, into the hands of someone else. Let’s begin this article by exploring the psychology behind such a fantasy.

Male Tied Up To Bed And Being Dominated Is Common Male Sexual Fantasy

The idea behind male chastity is an interesting one, since the penis and the phallus is arguably the most masculine part of the body. Why would a male voluntarily want to lock up the very part of what makes them a male? Contrary to popular belief the chastity cage is not necessarily about ideas of infidelity, trust or other relationship concerns. Anyone that is entering into a chastity lifestyle for this reason is probably missing the fundamental point of male chastity, as well as crucial psychological aspects of the activity. Rarely is this activity, or fetish, partner driven. That’s not to say that some partner do not drive this, or bring up the idea that they would like their partner in a chastity device, but that ultimately the choice is in the male and whether or not the activity arouses him in some form. Male chastity is an arousing activity that limits the act of arousal, which I know sounds contradictive but the idea lies in the sense that they find the limitations on the use and performance of their genitals arousing. It is for this reason why male chastity might be something that’s not often talked about – when you’re emasculating a male by taking control of his genitals that might not be something that he’d like to talk about in other males. It’s about appearances, just because he is caged, doesn’t mean that everyone will know that he is caged, and he can therefore act like a male and perform his gender.

Placing a male in a chastity device gives control of his orgasms to someone else. But it’s more complex than that. He will be left with a pure sexual energy which he is unable to channel back into stimulation of his genitals. He is of the understanding and knowledge that he cannot touch his penis even if he wanted to – and once it is caged he’ll want to touch it more than ever. That’s the thing about sex and sexuality, there’s more to it than the physical component, and some people are hardwired into enjoying more than just the physical aspect of sex, and crave a mental component as well. That mental component can be likened to sexual energy, and when he can’t achieve sexual satisfaction then that mental energy can be channelled into more productive things.

The Science Of Male Chastity

One of the ideas behind male chastity is that a male is constantly looking for his next orgasm, it sounds simplistic, stereotypical, and even primal but note that it doesn’t apply to all males. The sexual energy that they can no longer wield is put into other uses. Men in chastity often claim that they can become more focused at work, more attentive in their relationships, and generally more agreeable. In part this relates to the science of male chastity and the level of hormones that are present in the body during ejaculation, and when in a state of arousal.

Male Being Dominated By Sexually Strong Female

In this regard, it is often important that the device be perceived as being impenetrable. However, no device can make that claim since an individual, if determined enough and has no fear of personal risk and injury, can inevitably escape from the device. When you consider it, there is no device that is 100% secure. The reason is simple, especially when you take into account mass produced chastity devices and the fact that the male genitalia varies considerably from one person to the next. When we say this, we aren’t just talking about the length of the shaft, but also talking about the circumference of the shaft at different points, whether the male has a large flaccid shaft or a small flaccid shaft which grows considerably as well as the variable of whether he is cut or uncut. There are a considerable amount of variables in that alone. Now consider the idea that the penis is an extremely flexible piece of muscle which can be squished, squeezed and stretched in and out of the smallest of gaps and that’s just the way it has been made. The testicles throw in the third variable and vary in size, shape, and where they sit naturally. With such an amazing array of differences, it is difficult for the one-size-fits-all device, to comfortably and securely fit every single male interested in chastity.

Now that’s not to bust your fantasy of trying to get out of such a cage. What we’re trying to do is refocus the energy onto what chastity play is actually about. Regardless of popular belief, enforced chastity doesn’t specifically refer to the idea of being unwittingly forced into a cage – it more refers to the idea that your partner is the driving force of the idea of chastity. Chastity lifestyles are a mutual experience by both parties, and consent needs to be given from both sides, in this regard the chastity is a physical representation and reminder of the predicament that you find yourself in.

Chastity might be from within a desire to serve and please your keyholder, or it might stem from an idea that you like to be sexually dominated – either or the end result amounts to the same. A male that is held in a chastity device loses control of his genitals and orgasms, invariably if he is held in a cage long enough the hormones raging in his body will stabilise and there will be numerous benefits as a result of chastity. Chastity involves a level of mutual honesty and trust – and if that isn’t going to work for you then maybe a chastity lifestyle just isn’t your thing.

So rather than focusing on a quest for an inescapable cage, you should be settling on a quest for a comfortable cage. Especially so if you’re looking considering long term chastity – which isn’t necessarily the ideal type of play for a cage that is small, tight fitting and restrictive. Keep in mind if you have to remove the device due to pain, then you’re missing out on the greatest benefit of chastity play – the psychological element.