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Effects Of Long Term Orgasm Denial

Questions About Male Chastity

Something that we don’t necessarily consider when embarking on a chastity lifestyle, is the effects of long term orgasm denial, as well as the denying of the body to achieve and maintain erections. This article aims to explore some of the research behind a chastity lifestyle and answer some of your questions that you might be having.

Common Questions Might Include:

Will Chastity Affect My Erections? Does Orgasm Denial Affect My Health?

Looking these questions up, and you’ll find that there’s simply not a lot of information out there. The information that is out there is limited in the sense that it’s by personal opinions, statements from people in chastity and so on and so forth. The thing is when it comes to online information, it can often be skewed, misleading or downright untruthful. Male chastity is a legitimate kink that a number of males out there regularly practice in. Anyone that can explore the realms of Tumblr will note the myriad of photos, and different people that are performing in chastity and the world’s most popular chastity device the Cb-6000 has reported thousands and thousands of units being sold worldwide. Frequent ejaculation is a necessary bodily requirement with the body needing to remove sperm and other bodily fluids on a regular basis. You might have seen articles on the idea that frequent ejaculation is good for your prostate health, so what would the effects of long term orgasm denial be for the body?

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Medical Advice On Male Chastity

So rather than trying to gather information about long term orgasm denial from a random on the internet, let’s ask a board certified urologist and ask him the health and safety questions which you might have been thinking.

The body has a built in system for dealing with infrequent ejaculation, and that is usually in the form of involuntary nocturnal ejaculations known as wet dreams. This action is vital for the system to remove sperm and other fluids in sperm to ensure a fresh supply and to remove excess fluid and prevent a build-up. Prostatic fluid, one of the major components of ejaculate fluid, is produced by the prostate. The fluid is being continually produced by the prostate, which is a partly muscular gland. Owing to the fact that the gland is partly muscular it is imperative that it be used frequently to prevent the muscle from weakening. However, research on this topic is scarce, and generally has little medical backing. The medical articles that have been written on ejaculation, don’t consider the effects of long term orgasm denial and instead write along the lines of infrequent ejaculation and the tolerance of a prostate. Each individual has a tolerance level, which varies among men, and infrequent ejaculation can lead to an inflammation of the prostate which can result in various types of prostatitis and other forms of bacterial infections. The length of time that this would occur in, varies between men.

“I’ve never had a patient ask me about using, or admit to using, a male chastity device,” said Stephen H. King, a urologist based in Washington State. “And I cannot find any reference in medical/urological literature.”

Dr Stephen King Medical Urologist From Washington State

So, bearing that in mind, what would he do to advise a patient who had asked him about wearing a male chastity device? “As a urologist, my primary concern is long-term health and preservation of erectile function through the natural aging processes, so I tend to err on the cautious side, especially in someone young with many good erections ahead of him,” said Dr. King. King would advise against the use of long term orgasm denial and the wearing of chastity devices if it ‘places any significant compression on the tissue’. Any device that does this should therefore not be worn for extended periods of time with King suggesting that such devices not be worn for more than “four to six hours” and this would also include the use of sounds for penis plug play.

There are some guys which wear chastity devices which have invested in custom fitted and specific cock cages that will support their genitals – and it should be noted that a custom fitted device is far less likely to put on significant compression which King finds concerning. So if the cock cage or cock sleeve for men being used has been properly measured to fit the penis, and there’s no undue compression or reliance on tight cock rings to maintain its position, would this change the opinion?

The response is that if there is no compression from the cock ring, or the penile tissue is not in a state of compression from being placed in a space which is too small – then the cage would be safe for longer use. The risk and the danger then comes in from wearing the device overnight, as the body is thought to regulate the muscles of the penis through nocturnal erections – these spontaneous erections are generally considered to be the body’s way of stretching the vascular and erectile tissues to keep it healthy.  Medical professionals generally do not see the prevention of erections as being healthy, but studies are non-existent and proof of long term effects are not currently known.

It should be noted that there are no cases which have been pursued where an individual has claimed that a CB-6000 or other male sex toy such as a different chastity device, has caused damage to them, or been responsible for a loss of sexual function. Other urologists were consulted, including those that deal with trauma, and none were aware of any cases that specifically involved chastity, orgasm denial or anything of the sort.

It needs to be remembered that chastity devices are not sold as medical items, and are instead sold as novelty items for “novelty use”. The FDA does not regulate them, nor does any governing bodies around the world that regulate goods into the country place any restriction novelty items. However, so long as the device isn’t so tight as to cause any issues, then you shouldn’t be having any long term issues, or any issues at all through the wearing of chastity devices.

In the end, chastity play is not something which should be feared, nor is this article attempting to persuade you not to embark on a chastity life style – we are simply presenting to you the concerns regarding chastity and the evidence that has been presented thus far in response to these concerns. This website will be updated regularly with any additions, and we actively encourage to submit any research that you have come across so that we can update accordingly. Chastity is something that is fun, should be taken slow with consideration given to the body. Follow that simple sentence and you’ll be reaping the benefits of chastity play in no time.