Forced Cuckold Vs Cuckold Lifestyle

Forced Cuckold Vs Cuckold Lifestyle

Who Is A Cuckold?

Trying something new in your intimate life is a common thing nowadays. There are a lot of practices that emerged over the years that are aimed to spice up the couple life and make it more diverse than simply having traditional sexual intercourse every night using the same sex position. Many see it as something boring and start looking for ways to get rid of routine mastering other activities that would help they reach supreme sexual gratification much easier.

One of these practices is called cuckolding. If this word doesn’t tell you anything, you are here to know that a cuckold is a man who accepts seeing his wife sleeping with other men because it brings him sexual satisfaction. While many would consider it as cheating and rush to file a divorce, cuckolds are ok with their wife’s adultery and they perceive it as an act of defying that increase their sexual drive and intimate attraction to their partner. While a clear definition is put in place, cuckolds are divided into two types. The basic principle of encouraging adultery is typical of both categories, still there some differences.

Who Is A Forced Cuckold?

A forced cuckold is a man who accepts his wife sleeping with other people without his own will, or at least without an initiative from him to engage in a cuckold practice. The person who initiates the cuckold game is the wife. She can’t care less about how her husband will react to such idea, generally because the husband is much weaker and hardly has a say in the relationship. Typically, a forced cuckold appears in couples where the woman is the boss while the man obeys the decisions of his wife, undergoing humiliation and acts that undermine his male dignity.

If you wonder how to identify a forced cuckold, here are some signs and practices that will help you understand that the cuckold plays the game without personal will and consent.

Humiliating him verbally

One of the easiest activities that are typically tried in the beginning of the cuckold session is verbal humiliation. It does not require special skill, or buying special equipment, this is why couples use it as a starter for their new sexual entertainment. This activity includes talking to your husband using pejorative words and phrases, telling him that his male organ is awful and it doesn’t satisfy you as much as the bull’s shaft does.

Forcing him nude watching how the bull pleases you

This is another type of humiliation where the wife orders the cuckold get nude forcing him in the corner watching how she has sex with the bull. At times the cuckold can touch himself and masturbate seeing how his wife is pounded by another man, which is the least what he could get from this wonderful scene where he is just a viewer. Other times though, the wife can forbid the cuckold touch himself, forcing him just to admire the way she cheats on him and do nothing else. If he disobeys the command and touches his shaft, the bull will turn him around and spank hardly.

Making the maid clean up

This is a sort of extreme humiliation that not all forced cucks accept to do. Still, their word has no power as they are forced to obey the command of their queen. The wife can’t care less that the cucky thinks that it is not appropriate, she just orders him to do whatever she wants and he has to honour her will otherwise he will get punished. This humiliation consists of making the cuckold lick the bull’s cum from the pussy of his wife, making it clean and ready for a new intercourse. After a while of resisting, the cuck does his work eagerly and gets hired as a full-time maid cleaning the tons of cum that the bull leaves on the body of his wife.

Sissy satin panties and chastity device

Another way to humiliate the forced cuckold is to buy him special equipment which will make him feel being your slave. First, you can buy him some sissy satin panties that every cucky would love. Throw away all his male underwear and make him wear something that would correspond to his status of a cuckold. Also you can put a chastity device on him forcing him to watch and stay hunger.

Who Is A Cuckold By Choice?

Contrary to popular belief, a cuckold is not a weak man by definition who obeys his wife and whose opinion hardly matters. An alpha male can also be a cuckold. He is called a cuckold by choice. Loving being cucked originates not only from being too weak to forbid your wife cheat on you, but it also has to do with the increased pleasure that the man receives when seeing his partner having sex with another man.

A man leading a cuckold lifestyle is ok with his wife practicing adultery and it is said to have surprisingly positive effects on the couple life. First of all, from biologic point of view men get turned on when knowing that their woman is desired by another man. This makes him want her more and improve his performance in bed. Research shows that couples practicing cuckolding have a more passionate sex after that. Biologically said again, watching your partner having sex with another person let’s you know that she still doesn’t belong to you and you have what to lose, which makes you want her even more. According to reports, as cuckold session is over, the sex between partners gets hotter and lasts more.

A difference between forced cuckold and cuckold by choice is that the latter does not accept humiliation. More than that, they are even the ones who choose the bull for their wife, and can reject a bull proposed by their wife if they don’t like him. A cuckold by choice is in control of the situation and of course can not only watch but also touch himself and participate in the sex session,


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